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Ramezani: Iran’s Search Engines Failed to Attract Users

Parsijoo Iran

Mohammad Reza Ramezani, an Iranian analyst, says local search engines developed in Iran have failed to attract visitors over the past few years. In order to reduce the penetration of Google and Yahoo in Iran, the Ministry of Science and Technology invested millions of dollars to launch local search engines.

“Unfortunately the Iranian government didn’t develop a unified and comprehensive search engine. A large number of Persian search engines have been opened by individuals and privately-held companies, but none of them managed to defeat Google,” the Iranian analyst told the Herald Boy on Sunday.

“Most of these so-called search engines are actually extracting results from other websites such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. In fact, they are using APIs to return results for clients’ queries,” Ramezani added.

According to Mohammad Reza Ramezani, Iran doesn’t have modern and advanced datacenters to support these kinds of websites. “The popular search engines in the world are utilizing private datacenters to store their information. At this time, there are a limited number of datacenters in Iran, and local companies are simply unable to rent them for their projects,”

Salam, Rismoon, Parsijoo, Biaab, Chapoo, Abaryab and Jamasp are the most famous local search engines in Iran.

“Nearly 35% of users visiting these search engines are actually referred by Google and Bing according to Alexa ranking system. As a matter of fact, these websites have failed to attract local clients. The Iranian government should revise its policies with regard to supporting local search engines,” Ramezani remarked about the success of search engines developed inside Iran.

“The Iranian politicians are trying to replicate the success of Yandex and Baidu, but they have failed to achieve any of their goals on the subject. Yandex and Baidu were launched by tech-savvy investors who had enough knowledge in this field.” Mohammad Reza Ramezani concluded.

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