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PUSH – A Gadget That Will Push Athletes to Do More

Push GadgetSome of you might be thinking that the concept of wearable fitness trackers is on the verge of becoming cliché but there is more to a fitness tracking device than merely keeping tabs on your routine movement and activities. Your pulse, body temperature and the number of calories burned are pretty easy to figure out for most health tracking gadgets. However, there are certain crucial figures that cannot be jotted down so easily.

PUSH is the new wearable arm or leg band that has been developed specifically to help eager athletes with their training and stamina-building exercises. The purpose behind this health device was to ensure the importance of healthy exercise and weight training. Even the most professional athletes need to monitor their workouts so that they do not exceed a certain body restraint during intense sessions of tough exercise.
The device is for all those who regularly visit the gym and need to make sure that they are performing the right amount of exercise while keeping health risks low. If you have been training at the gym, you must be aware of the fact that knowing the amount of exercise that is healthy for you is very important so that there are no chances of you injuring yourself.

PUSH is worn either around the arm or leg and is supposed to be used only while participating in gym activities. It basically keeps a record of your balance, strength, tempo, force and some other factors relevant to gym workouts. Depending on your physical condition, the device tells you whether you should reduce the intensity of exercise or take things up a notch.
A few of the major exercises that can be tracked are:
•    Push ups
•    Pull ups
•    Bench presses
•    Squats
•    Kettle bell lifts
•    Dead lifts

As the device has just recently been launched with its fundraising campaign, there is still plenty of room for improvements and add-ons. Which means the developers will most likely integrate more exercises for tracking. Those who have ordered the device will get their shipment next year in April. However, the beta version is set to be out this December.

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