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Privacy Policy

The privacy of readers and users of Herald Boy is very important for its parent company, Merlien Institute Pte Ltd. The company has invested a lot in keeping the site safe for readers in the hope of securing client’s privacy. Here we have outlined a number of policies which are important for our readers to be aware of.

At this time, Herald Boy saves the IP (Internet Protocol) of readers in order to analyze the behavior of clients, and trying to deliver the best services and news stories accordingly. We have developed some in-house modules and add-ons to achieve this goal. The data gathered with regard to IP addresses might be shared with a few analytic companies to find the best results.

Sometimes you may see advertisements in the sidebar of Herald Boy. Some of these ads are directly operated by Merlien Institute Pte Ltd, while some others are being displayed via our partners. In order to hit the best Return on Investment (ROI) ratio, some advertisers submit ‘cookies’ to the browsers of users seeing their ads. Accordingly, the behavior of users will be examined by using the gathered information.

Currently, you don’t need to register any account for accessing the content of Herald Boy. But if you want to receive the latest news stories published by this website, you can subscribe by using the form locates in the right sidebar. By entering and verifying your email address, you allow Merlien Institute Pte Ltd to send the latest updates from Herald Boy to your inbox. This service is free, and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Herald Boy has an active presence in social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can follow the official account of Herald boy in social networking websites. Merlien Institute Pte Ltd is not responsible for securing your accounts in third-party websites. The official pages and profiles of Herlad Boy are linked in all pages of the website.

Merlien Institute Pte Ltd always do what it could to keep its subsidiaries’ websites safe from malicious codes and viruses. From time to time, we pay security companies to analyze the status of Herald Boy. If the website get hacked by any hacking groups, Merlien Institute Pte Ltd will take down Herald Boy as soon as possible in the hope of keeping its respectful readers safe from strange codes and commands.

The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, at our discretion. You can check back this page in order to get notified about the latest changes.

Should you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of Herald Boy and Merlien Institute Pte Ltd , don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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