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Poor Iranians Try to Sell their Livers

Liver Trade in Iran

Liver is a glandular organ which secretes bile and purifies the venous blood. Trading this organ is simply banned in all over the world. New reports suggest that poor Iranians are interested in selling their livers. Organ trade is legal in Iran, and there are several foundations monitoring the market. These organizations usually match donors to recipients.

Economic and financial problems have made hopeless Iranians to start selling their organs. It is estimated that 1400 Iranians sell one of their kidneys to a recipient in each year. The exact number of liver donors is not available at this time.

Dr. Seyed Ali Malek-hosseini, the Head of Iran’s Department of Surgery, says liver transplantation is among the most difficult surgeries, and recipients can only take organs from certain donors.

“Although the Iranian surgeons have generally great experiences in organ transplantations, replacing liver needs extra attention and knowledge.” Seyed Ali Malek-hosseini said in an interview with local media on Thursday.

According to the Iranian professor, Japan is the leading country in liver transplantations. “I kindly urge the Iranian government to ban trading livers, because this type of transplantations is involved in great risks for donors. The people willing to sell their livers are simply not aware of the negative results of this action. Mass media should also make people informed about the outcomes of such surgeries.”

“Unfortunately a large number of donors fail to survive after donating their livers. In fact, Iranians have limited information in this regard.” Dr. Seyed Ali Malek-hosseini concluded.

In recent weeks, patients from the European and American states have visited Iran in the hope of buying this valuable organ. Iran is the only country, where the organ trade is legal. Buying a healthy liver costs about $150,000 in Iran.

It is worth mentioning that liver transplantation is a viable treatment option for end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure. Typically three surgeons and two anesthesiologists are involved.

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