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Persepolis Sign Cooperation Deal with Palmeiras and São Paulo FC

Iran Footbal Club Persepolis FC

Mohammad Royanian, managing director of Persepolis FC, announced on Wednesday that the Tehran-based club has signed cooperation deals with Palmeiras and São Paulo FC. Accordingly, the Iranian and Brazilian clubs will partner with each other over football related issues.

“Palmeiras and São Paulo are the best and most popular football clubs in Brazil. During the recent years, many players from this country have come to Iran in order to serve Iranian clubs. Base on the history of Brazilian football players in Iran, we decided to sign cooperation deals with Palmeiras and São Paulo.” Mohammad Royanian told a press-conference on Wednesday.

He declared that this deal will offer new opportunities to Iranian and Brazilian clubs. “These agreements will facilitate transferring players from Brazil to Iran and vice-versa. Holding joint football camps and friendly matches are also available as soon as we put this deal into action.”

Royanian had also signed cooperation deal with Italian giant AC Milan last year. The move raised many questions about the real feedback of such deals, which cost much for the club and Iranian government. As Persepolis is not a private-held football club, Iranian government should pay the costs involved in managing the club.

“I personally anticipate a clear future for the partnership between Iranian and Brazilian clubs. I hope this cooperation will be a long-standing association.” The President of Persepolis concluded.

The Iranian giant failed to claim any titles last season. In recent years, Persepolis didn’t have luck to repeat its former glory.

Persepolis F.C. was founded in 1963 and has been in the first division of Iranian football since 1968. Persepolis F.C. is the football club of the multi-sport Persepolis Athletic and Cultural Club.

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