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Padvish Anti-Virus to be Presented by Iran

Iran Padvish Anti Virus

Padvish is the name of the new anti-virus developed by an Iranian company inside the country. This anti-virus software will offer security tools including but not limited to network firewall, total anti-virus and virus killers options and some additional in-built applications.

Currently, this product is in its pilot phase. A few governmental and non-governmental organizations in Iran are utilizing Padvish to protect their computers against external cyber threats. Accordingly, the final version of this anti-virus will be available for public use in near future. The exact time has yet to be announced by producers.

“Padvish is the name of the new anti-virus which will offer total security options to local and international customers. This software is able to detect and remove new viruses in order to maximize users’ protection.” The recent announcement published by Iran’s IT Ministry read.

At the being time, Iran has more than 45 million Internet users. A large number of connected computers in Iran don’t use any anti-virus softwares at all. Base on unofficial surveys conducted by different sources, foreign-developed anti-virus programs are leading in Iranian markets. However, around 80% of Iranian users are using ‘nulled’ versions of famous anti-viruses such as ESET NOD 32.

Sheed was the first anti-virus developed by Iranian experts in country. But Sheed doesn’t have its own engine for detecting threats, malwares and viruses. Currently, Sheed anti-virus is utilizing the databases of other anti-virus softwares. Buying and selling this software is prohibited outside Iran, according to Sheed’s official website.

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