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Only 46 percent of SuperBowl advertiser brands expected to score big


Under half (46%) of Super Bowl XLIX’s advertisers will score big on their Super Bowl investments, according to the 13th annual Super Bowl Ad Engagement Survey conducted by Brand Keys (, the New York-based brand engagement and consumer loyalty research consultancy.

– Pepsi, WeatherTech, Doritos, GoDaddy Dove Men + Care are Champs

– BMW, Mercedes, Nissan and Toyota Race for Engagement Trophy

– Budweiser and Coke Rated Best Entertainers, but Unlikely to Engage

“When it comes to Super Bowl advertiser playbooks, brands hope their ads will score big in five ways: 1) big audiences, 2) big creative, 3) big buzz, and 4) big social networking, but most importantly, 5) big levels of emotional brand engagement,” said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys, founder and president. “Number 5 is most important because it’s a leading-indicator of consumers’ positive behavior toward the brand in the only arena that counts – the real-world marketplace. Advertisers can find some satisfaction that two of those hopes are sure to be granted during the broadcast of Super Bowl LXIX, February 2.

The Super Bowl, one of the most-watched events in broadcasting, has long been a showcase for innovative advertising creativity. “The constant need to level the advertising playing field has not been lost on marketers. Increasingly they’ve moved to create up-front buzz for their ads. Recognizing that it’s a given their ads will get noticed along with everyone else’s during the game there have been increased pre-game sneak peeks. And, how brands integrate their advertising and social media will determine the overall effectiveness of their efforts,” said Robert Passikoff.

“But viewership, consumers, and ad and social media integration has grown so complex,” said Passikoff. “Sure, brands need to entertain if they want buzz, but today, if brands want to see real ROI, it isn’t enough just to entertain consumers. Consumers need to be emotionally engaged with ads If you can do that, consumers come away feeling the brand is better meets expectations they hold for the Ideal in the category in which the brand competes. That’s what real brand engagement is all about.



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Robert Passikoff is Founder & President of Brand Keys, Inc. and a sought-after speaker and thought leader on engagement and loyalty. He has 35 years of agency and client experience in all phases of strategic brand planning for a wide variety of B2B and B2C product and service categories. He has pioneered work in the area of loyalty and engagement, creating the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index®, the Brandweek Loyalty Leaders List, the Sports Fan Loyalty Index®, and the Women’s Wear Daily Fashion Brand Engagement Index®.

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