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Online Payment Systems Need to get Promoted in Iran

Online Payment Systems Iran

The Iranian government under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tried hard to promote online shopping and Internet-based services in the Persian community. Although Iran has more than 45 million Internet users, only a fraction of them are familiar with the process of online shopping.

As a result, Collect on Delivery (COD) has turned into a popular transaction method for buyers and beginners inside Iran. Although this method reduces the number of online frauds, businessmen and investors are not happy with its negative disadvantages.

Mojataba Moazzemi, who runs his own online store in Shiraz, says Iran’s Post usually charge online stores with ‘whopping’ fees. Presently, only the state-owned post company offers COD services across the country.

“In many cases, Iran Post delivers orders with unacceptable delays, and many buyers refuse to accept their orders for this reason. However, the sellers must pay all the costs involved in shipping and returning the merchandises. Over the past few years, Iran Post has managed to earn a lot of money only from this source.” Moazzemi said in an interview with the Herald Boy on Tuesday.

According to Mojataba Moazzemi, many shopkeepers are suffering from these problems. “I think the only solution for resolving these problems is making people more familiar with online payment systems. Banks and financial institutions are actively promoting their web-based services. On the other side, the Iranian government should encourage people to use these systems in order to reduce unnecessary costs.”

“From five months ago, we decided to deactivate COD from our payment options. We have lost 35% of our revenues compared to five months ago, but sales are bouncing back on daily basis as more people become familiar with online payment systems.” Mojataba Moazzemi concluded.

Private banks such as Saman, Mellat and Sina have launched promotional campaigns to reward their customers for using online payment services.

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