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Online Businesses Create 100,000 Job Opportunities in Iran

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As more Iranians have connected to Internet during the recent years, many businesses have been set up on-line. Faranak Oskoui, Vice President of Iran Center for eCommerce Development, announced on Tuesday that Iranian online businesses have managed to create 100,000 job opportunities. At this time, the country is suffering from 30% unemployment rate.

“Unlike the other countries, digital products are the best-selling items in Iran. Goods such as home appliances and books are among the other best-selling products in Iranian Web-based shops.” Faranak Oskoui remarked during an interview with local media.

Like Better Business Bureau of the United States, Iran Center for eCommerce Development also runs ENamad in order to organize local online shops. ENamad project has also received supports from Iranian government and Ministry of Industries and Mines. Faranak Oskoui declares that nearly 1,700 online shopping websites have obtained the necessary licenses from ENamad, while the organization has turned down a large number of applications.

“We have set some strict rules in this regard. Iranians have yet to accustom with online shopping, and ENamad project is trying to secure customers’ rights. We are scrutinizing the activities of online shops to check their compliance with the latest laws and rules.” Faranak Oskoui added.

She went on to say that approved websites receive some 1,500,000 daily visitors. “The total transactions in these websites are around $250,000. This shows the great potential of web sphere for offline businesses in Iran. This sector will flourish in near future provided that Iranian government offers its best supports.”

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