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Nokia 515 – A Normal Phone That Feels Like A Smartphone

Nokia 515There is no question that in today’s high-speed world, the telecommunication market is brimming with smartphones and related accessories. Everyone needs a Smartphone to deal with the fast-paced tasks of their daily routine. However, there are still a large number of people all over the world who like the idea of sticking to feature phones; better referred to as those old-fashioned dumbphones.

Nokia is a company that can be considered the leader of feature phones. It has done a good job with the new 515. The Nokia 515 is definitely a feature phone with a tiny 2.4 inch screen and complete keypad. What makes it look high-end and much like today’s stylish smartphones is the fact that it has been packed with a very durable casing. The materials used are much like those of flagship phones from Apple, Samsung and HTC. No wonder the Nokia 515 looks impressive, appealing and robust.

Although the new device looks much like a traditional feature phone, Nokia has made an effort to keep the necessary smartphone features integrated in the gadget. Online streaming, panorama, camera app modes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, face-recognition, Exchange email support, HD voice clarity, tethering and much more are all included in the Nokia 515. There is a huge probability that the phone will have a pre-installed new version of the classic Snake that we all enjoy.

With 256 MB internal memory, support for up to 32 GB, Bluetooth 3.0, two SIM slots, a 5 MP LED Flash Camera, 3.5 mm headphone jack and a micro USB 2.0 connector the phone does pack quite a lot for a “dumbphone”. All this is powered by a 1200 mAh battery that can last ten hours on 2G and five hours on 3G.

The phone has a thickness of 11mm and bears a weight of 101.1 grams. The screen resolution is 240×320 and is said to be curved although it appears flat.

Let’s talk about pricing. The Nokia 515 will be available for $151 USD. This price tag is a little higher as compared to other phones of the same type. It will be available in Germany, Poland, Russia and Switzerland.

Although everything looks good so far, we don’t know how well this phone will do in the market. Especially after taking into consideration the fact that Microsoft plans on purchasing the Nokia division. Let’s just see what happens after the phone is out in stores.

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