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Nami: Iranians are Taking Advantage of Quality Internet Services

Quality Internet Services in Iran

Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mohammad Hassan Nami says Iranians are currently taking advantage of high quality Internet services. Unofficial statistics and surveys suggest that almost 90% of Internet clients are not satisfied with the quality of their Internet services in the country.

“Local operators have managed to provide high quality Internet services to clients. However, we need to improve the facilities and infrastructures in order to provide even better services to subscribers.” Mohammad Hassan Nami addressed a group of reporters on Monday.

“During the recent years, the total number of Internet users has increased significantly due to massive investments by government in this field. According to studies conducted by Information Technology Ministry, 45 million citizens are actively using Internet services. This is a remarkable success for the Iranian government, and we should not ignore it.” Nami highlighted the accomplishment of Iranian government under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“Based on the latest agreements between privately-held companies and the Ministry of Technology, the prices of Internet services will be reduced in near future. More details of this plan will be published in next few days.” Iranian Minister concluded.

Ali Zahedi, a citizen of Shiraz, says he can barely open websites like Google and Gmail. “I don’t know how they can talk about quality Internet services. Over the past few months, I have personally encountered with numerous problems in opening various websites. Although Gmail and Google are not blocked in the country, we cannot use them properly.”

“On the other hand, the prices of Internet services in Iran are far more than other countries. The Iranian government must take action with regard to Internet services and prices as soon as possible.” Ali Zahedi told the Herald Boy.

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