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Mostafa Nazari Set to Join Norilsk Nickel

Iran Mostafa Nazari Norilsk Nickel

According to local media reports Mostafa Nazari, an Iranian futsal goalkeeper, has recently signed a new contract with Norilsk Nickel futsal club of Russia. Until now, Nazari has played only for Iranian clubs, so Norilsk Nickel is the first experience of Mostafa Nazari in Europe.

“I am determined to repeat my successes with Norilsk Nickel futsal club. I didn’t come here to enjoy the life and have some fun, but I want to work hard in order to recover my main position in Iran national futsal team.” Mostafa Nazari said on Wednesday.

Nazari was not called up for recent matches of Iran national futsal team for technical reasons. “I will do my best to prove my real potential and abilities.” Nazari told reporters.

The Iranian player has previously been selected as the best futsal goalkeeper of the world in 2010 and best futsal goalkeeper of the WAFF Futsal Championship 2012. He played an important role in Iran’s victory in WAFF Futsal Championship. The competition is organized by the West Asian Football Federation.

“Norilsk Nickel is a professional club, and the team takes advantage of three top goalkeepers. The competition is difficult, but I will try to satisfy the coaches and technical team with my best performance. Currently, I join training sessions on daily basis.” Mostafa Nazari added.

The former goalkeeper of Iran in WAFF Futsal Championship says he wants to become the best goalkeeper of the world in 2014 and 2015. “In fact, the Russian futsal clubs offer great plans to players, and I can achieve my ultimate personal goals.”

Mostafa Nazari also went on to criticize Iran’s futsal league by saying: “Unfortunately the Iranian futsal league has a long road to go. Clubs are no longer operating in professional manner and this will affect the national team negatively. I kindly urge the officials of Iran’s Football Federation to pay extra attention to futsal.”

Futsal in Iran is conducted under the aegis of the Futsal Commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation.

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