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Morality Police Arrest 15 Girls for Swimming in Northern Beaches

Iranian Women and Girls in Beaches

Women and young girls are legally required to wear proper Hijab when they appear in public. As a result Iranian women cannot swim in public beaches as this action may violate Islamic guidelines. Foreign girls and women, who visit Iran as tourists, are also need to follow Islamic regulations when attending local beaches.

Last week, Iran’s morality police arrested 15 girls for swimming in Northern beaches. Gilan’s Police Chief Colonel Bahman Alipour says the Iranian police are looking to create a ‘safe’ space for Muslim families.

“The arrested persons are forwarded to judiciary. We strongly advise citizens not to wear loose Hijab when they come to beaches. Iranian Police are trying hard to create peaceful and safe spaces for families willing to take advantage of the serenity of beaches.” Bahman Alipour declared in a press-conference on Sunday.

Alipour believes that taking such type of measures don’t violate the privacies of citizens. “As a matter of fact, we are living in Islamic Republic of Iran. All the people are needed to respect Islamic regulations. Women are also required to obey these rules when using public and private beaches.”

During the recent years, socialists and analysts have criticized the Iranian Police for mistreating young girls and women in the country. Iranian new president Hassan Rouhani is expected to pursue moderate policies in this regard. Under the management of Mohammad Khatami, Iranian girls were enjoying maximum freedom and respect after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Iran’s Deputy Border Police Chief General Ahmad Geravand said on Saturday that Iran Border Patrol will crack down on women not following Islamic dress code. “Monitoring the social security of beaches and seas is among the most important duties of the Iranian police. We will try hard to fulfill our job in the best possible way.”

Although Iranian designers have managed to produce Islamic swimsuits, police officials don’t recognize them as ‘proper’ Hijab.

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