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Mohammad Salari Highlights the Importance of Tehran Metro

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Tehran Municipality in partnership with Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company is responsible for running the Tehran metro. According to common agreements between the Tehran Municipality and Iranian government, around 75% of budgets needed to run Tehran metro should be provided by the government.

Mohammad Salari, a member of Tehran’s Islamic City Council, says the Iranian government has failed to allocate the necessary budgets to the project of Tehran metro during the recent years. “Under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the government had refused to pay the necessary budgets to the Municipality of Tehran.”

At the present time, ticket sales and advertising revenues only account for 25% of the Tehran metro’s budget. From the beginning of the operation of metro in Tehran, the government has allocated subsidies to the Municipality and Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company.

“Tehran metro is one of the most important projects of the Municipality. Currently, the metro of Tehran carries more than 3 million passengers a day, and citizens are taking advantage of this rapid transit system.” Mohammad Salari added.

Salari went on to criticize the Iranian government for financial problems of the Tehran metro. “Unfortunately the Municipality is unable to resolve this problem. The quality of metro’s services has decreased over the past few years because of the low number of wagons and trains. The financial problems have also led to severe problems in several stations.”

Although new 80 wagons have been added to the system in September 2012, the Tehran metro is still suffering from low number of active wagons.

Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf has already promised to discuss the problems of Tehran metro with Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani.

“Metro plays an important role in Tehran’s public transportation system. The quality of its services is very important for citizens, who use this system daily. We expect Rouhani to pay extra attention to these issues.” Mohammad Salari concluded.

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