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Mohammad Reza Aref: Islamic Republic of Iran will not Bow to Sanctions

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Mohammad Reza Aref, a member of Expediency Discernment Council, says the recent decision of U.S. House will not affect the determinations of Iranians and the local government. According to media reports, the U.S. government is going to impose new economic sanctions on Iran over the country’s controversial nuclear program.

“During the recent 30 years, Western governments and nations have imposed large numbers of sanctions on Iran. I can make you sure that Iranians will not bow to economic sanctions and embargoes.” Mohammad Reza Aref remarked in an interview with local media on Friday.

“To be honest, Islamic Republic of Iran has proved that it can turn sanctions into valuable opportunities. In last few years, the country has managed to declare its independency by producing and manufacturing different kinds of products despite international sanctions.” Aref, a member of Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, added.

The founder of Baran foundation went on to highlight the unity in the country. “The unity between Iranians and political parties will reduce the effects of such sanctions on Iran’s economy.”

He urged Iranian nationals and politicians to support Hassan Rouhani. “I kindly urge all the Iranians to offer their supports to Iran’s president-elect, Hassan Rouhani. I strongly believe that the next government of Iran can tackle current problems, if it receives enough supports from the people and politicians.”

According to local media reports, Aref has not been selected as the first deputy of Hassan Rouhani. Analysts believe that external pressures from conservative parties have made Rouhani to not choose Aref. “I prefer to not make any comments in this regard.” Aref told reporters.

Mohammad Reza Aref also declared his supports for the people of Palestine and Jihadist groups fighting against Israel. “In my opinion, the oppressed people of Palestine need to take advantage of international supports and aides. Islamic states should increase their supports for these people.”

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