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Mohammad Khatami: Rowhani has Limited Options for Managing Iran

Mohammad Khatami Baran Foundation

Mohammad Khatami, the former president of Islamic Republic, says Hassan Rowhani will face challenges in managing the country, as he has been left with limited options.

“Iranian political parties in Iran including both the conservative and reformist sides must continue offering their supports to Iran’s new president, Hassan Rowhani. Unfortunately, the poor performance of previous government has left limited options for Rowhani to manage the country. I believe that he must face real challenges in recovering country from its current conditions, so we need to support him.” Mohammad Khatami, the managing director of Baran foundation, told a press-conference on Thursday.

As groups of Iranian decided to boycott 2013 presidential election, Mohammad Khatami went on to pay tribute to students and instructors who led people to vote in presidential election. “The roles of students and their instructors are priceless. Iran’s next government must pay extra attention to problems of universities and students.”

Not only in Iran’s major cities, but even in small villages and counties Hassan Rowhani managed to win the election. “This shows the real determination of Iranian nation for massive changes. In order to achieve this goal, all political parties must help Hassan Rowhani in managing Iran. The next president of Iran should also utilize all the available potentials in this regard.” Mohammad Khatami concluded.

Earlier, Rowhani has promised to choose his ministers and deputies from all types of political parties in order to establish a united government. As a reformist politician, Mohammad Khatami acted a pivotal role in Rowhani’s victory in Iranian 2013 presidential election.

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