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Mohammad Javad Zarif Facebook Account Hacked

Mohammad Javad Zarif Facebook Account

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced on Saturday that his Facebook account has been hacked by third parties. Accordingly hackers have left one message to raise questions about the Iranian new president Hassan Rouhani for his negative comments about 2009–10 Iranian election protests.

Zarif also went on to say that if unauthorized access to his Facebook account continues, he will close his profile despite ‘willingness’ of using Facebook for communicating with the Iranian nationals. Currently, more than 180,000 users have liked the page of Mohammad Javad Zarif in Facebook.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook is officially blocked in the country by Iran’s Filtering Committee. The social networking website was originally blocked in 2009 following the presidential election which led to street riots.

In that time, opposition groups and parties were actively using Facebook to promote their anti-government campaigns. Currently, Internet users in Iran are using advanced methods to circumvent ongoing filtering.

Mohammad Javad Zarif also runs an account in Twitter. A few days ago, the American company verified the identity of Mohammad Javad Zarif in Twitter. Zarif is among the first Iranian officials who have opted in verifying their accounts in social networking websites.

Conservatives and hard-liners have repeatedly asked the Iranian officials to stop using ‘blocked’ websites, as this action clearly violates the national rules of the country.

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