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Mohajerani Asks Iran’s Football Federation to Organize Tours for Team Melli

Heshmat Mohajerani Iran

Heshmatollah Mohajerani, the former head coach of Iran national football team, urges the officials of Iran’s Football Federation to perform better with regard to conducting football tours and camps for Team Melli.

Last month, Iran’s Football Federation announced that it cannot conduct a football tour for national football team in Portugal. Accordingly the Federation was in short of budget, as it is mainly depended on financial contributions made by the Iranian government from time to time.

Heshmat Mohajerani says the Football Federation should reinforce its marketing department in order to make more money from football. “The Federation has revoked the future football tour of Team Melli in Portugal because of financial issues. At the same time, the European and Asian teams are holding great training sessions in the best fields and tours, but we are unable to take our team to Europe.”

According to local media reports, Iran’s Football Federation is currently unable to sign sponsorship contracts with world’s top brands due to international sanctions on Iran’s economy. Puma used to be the kit manufacturer of Iran national football team.

“Carlos Queiroz should not be blamed for these problems. In my opinion, Ali Kaffashian (the President of Iran’s Football Federation) should resign from his post, if he cannot manage the situations properly.” Heshmat Mohajerani, the former manager of United Arab Emirates, added.

“Iran has already appeared in four world cups conducted by FIFA. However, in all these tournaments we failed to qualify for the knock-out phase, and the team has always been eliminated in group stage.”

“On the other side, Asian teams like South Korea and Japan have managed to obtain great successes in the recent FIFA World Cups. I strongly believe that Iranian players are capable of duplicating these kinds of successes, if they receive enough supports from Iran’s Football Federation.” Heshmat Mohajerani concluded.

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