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Mobile is the best channel for seeking online consumer feedback?


Even the selfie phenomenon was eagerly tackled during the deftly handled presentation by Jason Jacobs, subject matter expert for Mobile Solutions at Confirmit. His talk at MRMW North America 2014 event in Chicago effectively demonstrated that mobile is the most suitable channel for use when one is seeking feedback from an online user.

Confirmit’s Jacobs shared several revealing insights gleaned from mobile platforms and their users. One, people would gamely give up beer (43 percent), chocolate (36 percent), Superbowl tickets (34 percent), high heels (26 percent), and cable TV (20 percent) for internet usage through their smartphones. Two, people are most likely going to use a cell phone camera to capture their attendance to celebrations of historical events. And three, more and more market research firms now offer mobile research.

Using selfies as examples, Jacobs made his case on the significant impact of multimedia feedback and the use of mobile as an effective channel for garnering consumer feedback. He recalled Samsung’s wildly successful ploy that resulted in the famed Oscar Awards selfie and millions of retweets. He also shared Ted Baker’s in-store selfie for shoppers, another dramatic marketing success story that resulted in more traffic, higher brand engagement, and a growth in sales. Then there’s Warby Parker, an eyewear brand that was able to grow its online sales by 200 percent through an online presence selfie campaign, which gave shoppers a way to get feedback from their friends (when selfies were shared across social media accounts, for example) and from in-store experts.

Jacobs proposed that mobile researchers can deploy third-party survey apps, mobile web surveys, and their own company apps to probe and predict consumer histories and preferences. He also underscored the value of respondent feedback in situ, like in the case of a shopper taking a selfie inside a store’s changing room.

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