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Ministry of Industries and Mines Warns against Importing American Cars

General Motors in Iran

The Head of Trade Development in the Ministry of Industry Hassan Radmard announced on Monday that Iranians are not allowed to import made-in-American cars to Iran.

A local company is currently accepting pre-orders for 2013 Buick Encore manufactured by General Motors. Based on this promotional campaign, applicants are required to pay around $40,000 in advance.

“As a matter of fact, no company is authorized to import vehicles manufactured by General Motors. Accordingly Iran Customs Administration doesn’t permit any company to import these cars into Iran,” Radmard remarked in an interview with the state television.

Wealthy people in Iran are always ready to buy luxury cars produced by the U.S.-based companies. Currently, only South Korean car manufacturers are supplying luxury vehicles to the Iranian markets.

Hassan Radmard went on to say that Iran’s Ministry of Industry will prosecute unauthorized companies violating regulations with regard to importing American cars. “Companies should first obtain the necessary permits from the Ministry of Industry if they intend to import cars from the United States.”

The Ministry of Industries and Mines regulates policies applicable to automotive industry in Iran. The Iranian government has set high automotive import tariff to support local car manufacturers. Automotive industry is the second most active industry of Iran.

Masoud Khorasani, an Iranian businessman, says General Motors is actually unable to deliver cars and vehicles to Iran. “The U.S. government has ordered the American car manufacturers to halt their exports to Iran. People must refrain from buying fake cars advertised by unknown importers.”

General Motors Company was founded in 1908, and is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. GM exports cars to many countries including but not limited to India, China, Brazil and Canada.

Before the Islamic Revolution, American companies used to export numerous vehicles to Iran. The late Shah of Iran was among the fans of made-in-American cars.

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