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Lawmaker Urges Iranian President to Support Mohammad Zarif

Iranian Lawmaker Mohammad Hassan Asfari

Iranian Lawmaker Mohammad Hassan Asfari says Iran wants to promote its political relations with the U.S. government, but American politicians should stop pursuing double-standard policies.

“By employing useful diplomacy, Islamic Republic of Iran can promote its political and economic relations with other nations in the world,” said Mohammad Hassan Asfari, a Member of the Majlis.

“The U.S. government should make changes on its behaviors towards Iranians. Unfortunately members of U.S. House are passing new sanctions against Iran on daily basis, and the U.S. President Barack Obama declares interest in establishing friendly ties with Iran,” Asfari continued.

“Islamic Republic of Iran doesn’t accept double-policy standards, which are currently being pursued by the governments of the United Kingdom and United States,”

Mohammad Hassan Asfari believes Iran’s new Foreign Minister can offer good services to the country. “I am confident that Mohammad Javad Zarif can help the country to secure its interests. However, the Iranian government should support him in the best possible way,”

He also went on to criticize Iran’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for sacking Manouchehr Mottaki when he was on mission. “Such types of mistakes should not be repeated under the leadership of the new president Hassan Rouhani. I kindly urge him to respect his ministers and deputies in order to gain confidence from Iranians,”

“Sanctions on Iran are the most important struggle of Zarif. Now Iranians expect him to negotiate with world’s powers to nullify the existing economic sanctions. By lifting the embargoes, Hassan Rouhani can address other issues easily.” Mohammad Hassan Asfari concluded.

Analysts and politicians believe that Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani cannot make any positive changes as long as the Western governments are imposing sanctions on Iran. In recent years, Iranian rial has lost major parts of its value against foreign currencies mainly because of the continuous sanctions over the nations’ nuclear activities.

The U.S. government and Israel have repeatedly accused Islamic Republic of Iran over developing nuclear weapons.

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