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Ali Larijani Highlights the Issues of Zayanderood River

Zayanderud River Isfahan Iran

The Iranian government announced on Thursday that a committee has been formed to investigate the possibility of reviving the Lake Urmia. At the same time, activists called on the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to take an action with regard to the Zayanderud.

“Isfahan’s representatives in Parliament are looking to find the best possible way of reviving the Zayanderud. This river plays a major role in the agriculture of Isfahan and adjacent cities. The Iranian new government should try to address the current problems as soon as possible,” said Ali Larijani, the speaker of Iran’s Majlis.

Last year, the citizens of Isfahan held several demonstrations to protest against the existing issues of the Zayanderud. Accordingly the demonstrations led to clashes between civilians and security forces.

“Unfortunately some problems are threatening existence of the Zayanderud. A number of solutions have been proposed by locals and experts, but more researches need to be performed in this regard. By the way, I hope the Iranian new president Hassan Rouhani takes a noticeable action with regard to resolving the problems of the Zayanderud.” Ali Larijani added.

It is worth mentioning that the Zayanderud is the largest river begins on the central plateau of Iran. In 2011, Iranian activists declared the Zayanderud as a dried river without a drop of water.

“In recent years, we were forced to quit working on farms. You can hardly find a drop of water in Isfahan, so the Zayanderud is the main source of water for farmers and people working in farms,” Asghar Mohebbi, an Isfahani farmer, remarked in an interview with the Herald Boy on Friday.

The Zayandeh River water gives life to the people of central Iran mainly in Isfahan and Yazd provinces. The Zayandeh starts in the Zagros Mountains and flows 400 kilometers. Until the 1960s, the Zayanderud was the main water resource of Isfahan.

On the other side, Iranian economists believe that the Zayanderud can increase the number of visitors to Isfahan. “There are many fantastic bridges built on the Zayanderud. These bridges attract a large number of foreign tourists to Isfahan. By addressing the problems of this river, more people will visit Isfahan to enjoy the freshness and beauty of the Zayanderud,” said Gholam Hossein Abadi, an Iranian economist.

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