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Khaled Amareh: Egypt is Peaceful for Iranian Tourists

Iranian Tourists Visit Egypt

As the Egyptian crisis is still continuing and claiming the lives of protestors, Iranian tourists are visiting this Arab state without any problem. Last year, the officials of Iranian and Egyptian governments decided to resume exchanging visitors after thirty years. Until now, thousands of tourists have left Iran for Egypt.

Head of Egypt’s interest section in Iran, Khaled Amareh, said on Monday that Iranians do not face any difficulties in Egypt despite massive protests and demonstrations in Cairo and the other major cities.

“At the time being, there are hundreds of Iranian nationals in Egypt visiting the country. Due to the recent developments in Egypt, we should stop accepting new tourists in the hope of increasing security facilities. I know that many Iranians are eager to see Egypt.” Khaled Amareh remarked during an interview with Iranian state television.

Amareh also went on to say that Iran could be a great destination for Egyptian tourists too. “I believe that the current conditions of Iranian community suit the situations of Egyptian visitors. Currently, many Egyptians have registered their names for visiting Iran and its ancient cities.”

“Despite protests and political developments in Egypt, we are doing all we could to protect tourists especially those coming from Iran. Almost all tourism hubs of Egypt are secured and we don’t have any problem for hosting Iranian tourists.” Khaled Amareh concluded.

It is good to know that following the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Iran appointed its first ambassador to Egypt in almost 30 years. Despite oft-wavering tensions between the two countries, they share membership in the OIC and the Developing 8.

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