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Khalatbari on the Brink of Sepahan Deal

Iranian Striker Mohammad Reza Khalatbari

As a dispute between Iran and the Arab states over the name of the Gulf is continuing, Iran’s Football Federation has banned players from signing with UAE-based football clubs.

Ajman’s Iranian player Mohammad Reza Khalatbari is reportedly looking to cancel his deal with the club in protest at the UAE’s decision to change the name of its league to the Arabian Gulf League.

Media reports suggest that the officials of Persepolis have negotiated with Ajman’s managers over Khalatbari’s move to the Tehran-based football club. Accordingly clubs interested in the services of Khalatbari must pay $800,000 to Ajman in order to terminate the player’s current deal with the club.

According to local media reports, the managers of Sepahan Isfahan are also looking to sign with Mohammad Reza Khalatbari, who plays a key role in Iran national team.

“I have played for Sepahan FC in past. Currently I maintain friendly relations with the managers of Sepahan, especially the managing director of this club. The officials of Sepahan have talked with me in this regard,” Khalatbari told local media on Sunday.

“I am also interested in signing with Persepolis, but if the managers of Persepolis fail to pay $800,000 to Ajman, I should join Sepahan,” Mohammad Reza Khalatbari added.

Regarding his current contract with Ajman, Khalatbari said: “I penned a two-year contract with Ajman. My contract with this club worth $2.5 million, but I’m currently looking to terminate my deal because of the national interests,”

The head coach of Persepolis named Khalatbari as one of the best football players in the country. “As a matter of fact, Ali Daei is also among the best coaches in Iran. He was the first coach who invited me to Iran’s national football team. I will be more than happy to work with him at Persepolis once again.” Mohammad Reza Khalatbari concluded.

Khalatbari, 29, has already played for Shamoushak, Aboomoslem, Zob Ahan, Al Gharrafa, Al Wasl and Sepahan.

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