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Kaspersky Removes Iran from its Supported Countries

Kaspersky and Iran

The Russia-based security company, Kaspersky, has recently removed the name of Iran from the list of its supported countries. Over the past years, a large number of Iranian corporations and organizations have utilized Kaspersky to secure their computers and networks against malwares and viruses.

Not only Kaspersky, but the other major security companies such as MacAfee, Norton and ESET have previously removed the name of Iran from their websites.

Earlier, the regional managers of Kaspersky announced that the Russian firm will not change its policies against Iranian users because of international sanctions on Islamic Republic. Western countries have imposed several rounds of economic embargoes on Iran. Islamic Republic and Russia have established positive and constructive ties in recent years, and the decision made by Kaspersky was nearly unimaginable.

Currently, numerous retailers in Iran sell the legal licenses of Kaspersky to local clients. Kaspersky has yet to announce if the company will still offer any support types to its users inside Iran.

“I have been using Kaspersky for more than two years. I have paid for legal license of Kaspersky, so I will ask for refund if the company fails to support Iranian users.” Ali Dehghani, an Iranian client, told the Herald Boy.

It is good to mention that MAHER Center of Iranian National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Kaspersky Lab and CrySyS were three main security companies discovered the malware of Flame. Flame was developed by Israel and the United States to harm the nuclear facilities of Islamic Republic.

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