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Javadzadeh: Iranian Search Engines Must Utilize Pay Per Click Advertising

Iranian Persian Search Engines

During the recent years, a number of search engines have been created by start-ups and the government in Iran. These websites are mainly opened for decreasing the penetration of Google, Yahoo and Bing in the Iranian community. However, most of these search engines have failed to make money, and their revenues can barely cover current expenses.

Meghdad Javadzadeh, IT analyst and marketing manager, says Iranian search engines can take advantage of pay per click advertising systems. He believes that small to medium-sized businesses in Iran can advertise their products and service via these websites to target local clients.

“According to statistics released by Iran’s IT Ministry, local search engines have managed to attract a large number of visitors in recent months. Currently, none of these websites are earning money because they don’t have any working business plan.” Javadzadeh underlined in an interview with Herald Boy.

“On the other hand, these search engines are mostly hosted in local datacenters. Currently, hosting websites in Iranian datacenters cost much more than hosting the same website in foreign datacenters. The prices and costs of Internet bandwidth in Iran are too high.” Meghdad Javadzadeh added.

He says major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are making large amounts of money by displaying pay per click advertisements. “In my opinion, Iranian search engines can follow the business models of American and European websites with regard to monetizing their incoming traffic. Local businesses and companies can also show their ads to Iranian clients, while supporting local search engines.”

“These websites cannot continue their operations in the next few years, if they fail to make money.” Meghdad Javadzadeh concluded.

Over the past few years, the Iranian government in cooperation with Science and Technology Ministry has supported local search engines technically and financially. Accordingly around 100,000 unique visitors use these websites on daily basis.

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