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Jamshid Sarabani: Iran Needs to Buy Modern and New Aircrafts

Iran Air

Over the past few years, the Iranian government in partnership with local tour operators has launched several projects to increase the number of tourists visiting the country. The government announced that the number of tourists has increased by over 14% during the recent Persian year.

Although tour operators believe that most tourists visit the country for religious purposes, economists say Iran has enough potentials to increase the real number of international tourists. Ancient cities of Isfahan, Tabriz and Shiraz are capable of hosting hundreds of thousands of tourists in each year.

“Currently, tourism alongside with oil and gas industries plays key role in the economies of the Middle Eastern countries. In recent years, Turkey has managed to attract a large number of tourists from the North American and European states.” Jamshid Sarabani, an Iranian economist, informed the Herald Boy.

“Qatar and Emirates are the other leading countries in attracting tourists in the Middle East region. Tourists help these countries to establish consistent revenue sources over the years.” Sarabani highlighted the importance of tourism for the Middle Eastern countries.

“The most important factor of these kinds of successes is investing in local airlines and adding modern aircrafts to their aged fleets.” Sarabani remarked.

According to Jamshid Sarabani, more tourists will visit Iran in the coming years, if the country invests in the same field pursing the similar policies. “The Iranian government needs to add new and modern aircrafts to local airlines. At this time, foreigners fear to use Iranian airlines because of their old fleets.”

American and European companies are banned from selling modern and new aircrafts to Iranian airlines because of international embargoes on Iran.

“On the other side, the government can allocate low-interest loans to private airlines in order to let them import new aircrafts.” Sarabani concluded.

Iran has several private and public airline companies in operation. The oldest one, Iran Air, is operating services to 60 destinations, 35 international and 25 domestic.

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