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IRNIC Registry Price Increases by 11%

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Iran’s Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, which is responsible for managing and directing IRNIC Registry, announced on Tuesday that prices for domain registrations have been increased by 11%.

The new price for registering .IR domain names has been set on 160,000 Iranian Rials ($5). The former rate of .IR domain names was around 144,000 IRR.

However, the official resellers of IRNIC are registering these domain names for less than $2 a year. Resellers can receive up to 70% discount from IRNIC, if they pay upfront. At this time, a large number of .IR domain names are being registered via official resellers and websites.

Although the massive fluctuations hit Iranian exchange markets over the past two years, IRNIC didn’t increase prices until recently. This led to more registrations of .IR domain names in Iran’s technology market. Local users have already praised the managers of IRNIC over stabilizing prices.

Currently, more than 380,000 .IR domain names have been registered by registrants via IRNIC. Some other 10,000 domain names carrying different suffixes, which are supported by IRNIC, have also been registered by individuals and companies originating from Iran. These TLDs include,,,,,, and ایران. In 2010, ICANN approved IRNIC’s proposal for the ایران. IDN ccTLD (representing the Perso-Arabic spelling of Iran), pending the final step of String Delegation.

According to the latest statistics published by Iran’s IT Ministry, the country has more than 45 million Internet users. The number of Web-based businesses and companies investing in this field has been increased dramatically.

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