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Iran’s Textile Companies Increase Exports by 80%

Iran's Textile Industries

As the rate of importing Chinese textiles to Iran had been increased dramatically in recent years, Iranian textile companies are working hard to increase their exports to neighboring states. A new study conducted by Iran Customs Administration shows that Iranian textile industries have managed to increase their exports by 80% over the last 12 months.

According to this study, Iranian companies have exported some $92 million of textiles to other countries during the first two months of new Persian year, which was started on March 21. Iraq, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan are the three main markets for Iranian textiles.

Ali Mohammad Zadeh Tehrani Asl, a manager of textile company in Iran, says that Iranian textile industries are capable of producing high quality products. “Iran used take advantage of great and demanding markets for its textiles. But the recent waves of Chinese textile industries have damaged Iranian companies. However, the quality of Iranian textiles is far more than Chinese textiles.”

Mohammad Zadeh also believes that Iranian government should help local producers to find new markets overseas. “By holding different expos, Iranian government can help companies to find new customers from other countries too. Currently, businessmen and traders from a limited number of countries are buying Iranian textiles. I think this number can grow exponentially, if Iranian government helps local companies.”

In last two years, Iranian Rial has lost its strength against foreign currencies significantly. “This has made a unique opportunity for Iranian companies in order to increase their revenues from exporting quality textiles to other countries.” Ali Mohammad Zadeh Tehrani Asl concluded.

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