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Iran’s Police Chief Confirms Rowhani’s Views on Morality Police

Morality Police in Iran

Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) Commander BG Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam said on Thursday that he agrees with Iranian new president, Hassan Rowhani, about the operations of morality police in local major cities.

Earlier, Rowhani told local media that he doesn’t confirm the current behavior of Iranian morality police toward young girls and women in streets. The morality police questions, blames and punishes people who don’t wear proper Hijab according to Islamic guidelines.

“I agree with the comments of new president. Some changes need to be applied on the operations and activities of Iran’s morality police. However, this service will not be retired because we have yet to accomplish our goals.” Iran’s Police Chief Esmaeil Ahmadi Moghaddam informed reporters on Thursday.

During the recent years, many Iranians have expressed their unhappiness with the behavior and manner of morality police in country.

“We need to have total freedom for choosing our dresses. In today’s modern world, nobody can force people to change their lifestyles. The officials of Iranian police should understand this reality. Iranian girls are believed in god and they practice Islamic rules. But I think they must be allowed to choose their own lifestyles.” Arezoo Fatemi, an Iranian student, told the Herald Boy.

Zahra, another student who refused to announce her family name, said she had been arrested by morality police before. “After that incident, my family constantly blames me for my wearing and dresses. Unfortunately, nobody is trying to change the current conditions for girls and women in Iran. I am really disappointed by these situations.”

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