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Iran’s Police Appreciate Women Wearing ‘Respectable’ Hijab in Ramadan

Girls Women Wearing Hijab in Iran

Brigadier-General Ahmad-Reza Radan, deputy commander of the Iranian police, said on Thursday that local women and girls have fully followed Islamic ethical codes with regard to the Hijab issue during the holy month of Ramadan.

Accordingly, the police officers have not arrested anyone in Ramadan for wearing ‘unsuitable’ Hijab. Iran’s Police recommended citizens to pick up right clothing last month in order to reduce tensions between the people and police forces.

“Almost all the Iranian girls and young women wore suitable and respectable Hijab during the holy month of Ramadan. Iranian Police warmly congratulate the Muslim community of Iran for following Islamic tips and guidelines as advised by religious leaders.” Brigadier-General Ahmad-Reza Radan remarked in an interview with local media.

“Unfortunately, only a limited number of girls and women wore loosely Hijab and clothing. But the police forces didn’t detain them to respect Muslims.”

“We ask people to continue wearing this kind of Hijab in future. Iranian Police is currently negotiating with the Education Ministry to hold several cultural events in schools in order to make students familiar with the real facts of Hijab based on Islamic beliefs.” Ahmad-Reza Radan added. He also declared the interests of Iran’s Police for dispatching clergymen to schools for promoting Hijab.

Most often, Hijab is worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty, privacy and morality. Hijab is a kind of veil that covers the head and chest. Quran and Islam have recommended girls and women to pick up the best Hijab. Scholars argue that the term of Hijab is never used in the Quran to describe an article of clothing.

According to Iran’s Constitutions and civil laws, people are required to wear the Hijab. Iran’s Police and Judiciary system sometimes punish girls and women violating these rules based on Islamic penal code.

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