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Iran’s Next President to Continue Pursuing Subsidy Reform Plan

Ali Tayyeb Nia Iran Economy Ministry

Ali Tayyeb-Nia, Rouhani’s choice to head the Economy Ministry, says the Iranian government is interested in carrying on the subsidy reform plan in the country. Over the past few years, the Iranian government was criticized by local economists for running subsidy reform plan.

Tayyeb-Nia, who joined Faculty of Economics & Administration at Tehran University, believes that Iranian government under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad didn’t employ right economic policies for running this exceptional plan. Subsequently, Iranian nationals have faced with numerous problems.

“Although we need to make some changes in subsidy reform plan, we are determined to continue pursuing this project. Fortunately some progresses have been made by the previous government with regard to optimizing subsides, but new administrations and managements need to be undertaken to make this plan a successful project in the country.” Ali Tayyeb-Nia remarked during an interview with the state-run television channel on Tuesday.

“Currently, we are in the middle of defining new methods and structures to pay these subsidies. In the next few days, I will meet several economists at my office to discuss this subject.” Ali Tayyeb-Nia added.

According to the subsidy reform plan, the government is required to pay about $15 to every Iranian. At the same time, the government eliminates subsidies for fuels and some commodities. Economists argue that this plan is actually hurting Iranians, rather than supporting them.

It is worth mentioning that in October 2012, 179 of 240 members of parliament voted to consider pausing the subsidy reform, because of high inflation.

“On the other side, the economic embargoes on Iran should be lifted, as these sanctions are badly damaging Iran’s economy.” Ali Tayyeb-Nia concluded.

Iran’s next president is expected to negotiate with the U.S. government directly in the hope of resolving Iran’s blatant nuclear case. Tehran is accused of developing nuclear weapons, which threaten the existence of Israel.

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