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Iran’s Ministry of Culture to Develop Video Games About ‘Islamic Awakening’

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Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyed Mohammad Hosseini said on Thursday that the government is looking to develop new video games about the ongoing ‘Islamic’ revolutions in Arab world.

Although the recent revolutions in Arab states are often called ‘Arab Spring’, Iranian authorities named it ‘Islamic Awakening’. This term was originally used by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

“Islamic Awakening is currently an integral part of Arab world. These revolutions should be promoted in cyber space too. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is planning to launch series of games about Islamic Awakening, and its important role in the world.” Seyed Mohammad Hosseini informed told local media on Thursday.

According to the Iranian Minister, the new video games will be developed in partnership with local game manufacturers.

“Currently, a large number of game manufacturers in the United States and European states are developing video games to defame Islam and Islamic beliefs. By promoting Islamic culture via video games, we can decrease the negative effects of such measures.” Hosseini added.

Mohammad Hosseini also went on to say that video games about ‘Islamic Awakening’ will attract youths in the Muslim states. “In my opinion, these projects will bring profits to the Iranian government. Based on the surveys conducted by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance, these games will sell millions copies in all around the world.”

Earlier this year, the Iranian government ordered Iran National Foundation of Computer Games to develop more video games in this niche. Accordingly, the government is ready to offer its financial supports to game manufacturer willing to develop games in this field.

During the recent years, Iranians have developed video games about different movements and causes. ‘Persian Gulf’ was the name of one game developed by local investors to insist on Iran’s reign over the disputed gulf located in the Middle East region.

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