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Iran’s Majlis Speaker Calls for Unity

Ali Larijani Majlis Speaker of Iran

As Islamic Republic of Iran is badly suffering from the negative effects of international embargoes, Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says the country is in need of serious unity in the hope of find the best solutions for current issues.

Talking to a group of reporters during a press-release at Tehran, Ali Larijani said: “The Result of the most recent presidential election is promising new opportunities to Iranian nation. Currently, Iran doesn’t have any major problems in its domestic affairs. However, we are facing with numerous difficulties in economic and politic matters.”

“Almost all Iranians have same view with regard to country’s nuclear plan. Accordingly, Iranians are actively supporting the nuclear activities of Islamic Republic, and believe that these activities are useful for the whole country.” Larijani reiterated that Iran will continue pursuing its policies over the nuclear program.

“The Western countries should respect the rights of this nation. Iran has already declared that it is ready to resolve the current misunderstandings about its peaceful nuclear program.” Larijani added. The United States, Israel and European Union have accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons against international rules.

The Majlis Speaker went on to blame extremist Islamist groups of Egypt for acting against the Egyptian people. “Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups based in Egypt should stop violence in that country. Unfortunately, this group has lost its popularity and fan base in Egypt. So they must understand the conditions.”

Islamic Republic has already proclaimed that Iran will support government backed by Egyptian people. However, Iran urged Egypt’s army to stop meddling in the process of electing the new president.

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