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Iran’s Energy Ministry Warns of Overuse of Electricity

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Iran’s Energy Ministry announced on Saturday that use of electricity has been increased significantly over the past few days. The Ministry asked people to optimize the use of power to avoid outage in cities and rural areas.

“In compare to the summer time of the last year, electricity consumption has increased by over 10%. Energy Ministry has stored enough power in the hope of providing electricity to clients during the season of summer. However, we kindly urge people to optimize their consumption by following simple guidelines and tips.” The statement published by Iran’s Energy Ministry read.

Iranian Energy Minister Majid Namjoo says the Ministry has taken precautions to avoid power outages. “Unfortunately, the power consumption of Tehrani citizens increased dramatically, but we are trying to manage this condition in the best possible way. In fact, we didn’t expect such increase in use trends.”

During the recent years, Tehran had not experienced so hot season like the current summer. In some days, Tehran’s temperature surpassed the high degrees of Iran’s Southern provinces such as Hormozgan, Khuzestan, Fars and Sistan Baluchistan.

Ministry of Energy should not only fulfill the domestic demands, but it must export electricity to neighboring countries according to cooperation deals. Iran is one of the leading countries in producing electricity in the Middle East region.

With the population of 76 million people, peak of electricity consumption in Iran is estimated 44.151GW. Ministry of Energy of Iran is the main organ of the Government in charge of the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to energy, electricity, water and waste water services.

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