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Iran’s Cyber Police Recommend Using Anti-Theft Software

Laptop Anti Theft Software

In past few years, cyber crime rate has increased in Iran as many people have started utilizing technology and digital devices more often than before. Consequently, the number of laptop holders has increased too.

Colonel Iraj Mohammad Khani, Head of Gilan Cyber Police, says clients should set up anti-theft software on their devices in the hope of tracking stolen laptops and digital devices. In recent months, Iranian police have managed to arrest a number of thieves by taking advantage of similar software solutions.

“Clients can easily install anti-theft, tracking and recovery software on their devices. This will help us to find the stolen devices as soon as possible. Most of these kinds of softwares are free to install, and people can contact sellers and distributors for more information with regard to these tracking tools.” Iraj Mohammad Khani underlined in an interview with local reporters.

“These computer programs usually transmit the pictures of thieves and the exact locations of them. Also the sensitive information stored on laptops will be automatically deleted by these programs. However, we kindly urge people to not store private information, images and video clips on their portable devices.” Colonel Iraj Mohammad Khani added.

The Head of Gilan Cyber Police also went on to suggest users to utilize encrypting software in order to encode their stored information and add a powerful layer of security to their devices.

The Iranian Cyber Police (FATA) has been opened in 2009 by Police Chief Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam to counter Internet crimes.

According to statistics, less than 5% of lost or stolen laptops ever recovered by the companies that own them. However, that number may decrease due to a variety of companies and software solutions specializing in laptop recovery.

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