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Iran’s Cyber Police Advise Users not to Share Private Photos on Facebook

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Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular social networking websites officially blocked inside Iran. However, a large number of Internet users in the country have managed to open their own accounts in order to communicate with their friends and relatives.

Many of these websites allow users to upload photos and share them with their friends or people following them. Apparently, this feature has made severe problems for some citizens. Iranian cyber police has recently released a statement urging users to avoid publishing their private photos in social networking websites.

General Sattar Khosravi, the Isfahan Chief of the Cyber and Information Exchange Police (FETA), says many people are not familiar with the privacy settings of their social accounts.

“As a matter of fact, the official language of most social networking websites is English, and Iranian users are simply unable to understand the privacy policies explained by websites’ managers.” Sattar Khosravi said in an interview with local media on Saturday.

“According to studies conducted by the Iranian cyber police, users are actively uploading and sharing their photos with friends and followers in these websites. Some photos and videos contain private materials, but users publish them publicly.” General Sattar Khosravi added.

According to the Iranian General, users should avoid publishing their private photos in these networks. “Even in some cases, individuals can access clients’ private photos by using security bleaches. During the recent months, the managers of Facebook have admitted the existence of bleaches in their system allowing unauthorized users access private documents and files.”

General Sattar Khosravi also went on to call Iranian media to make people informed about the negative outcomes of poor privacy settings in social networking websites.

Based on the statistics released by independent institutions, Iranians have opened almost 6 million accounts only in Facebook. The U.S.-based websites is blocked in Iran since 2009.

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