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Iranians Strongly Oppose Nikah Mut‘ah

Nikah Mutah Iran

Nikah Mut‘ah is an action recommended by Islam in order to reduce illicit sexual relationships in the Muslim societies. “Pleasure Marriage” is known as short-term marriage in Sharia.

Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport Mohammad Taghi Hassanzadeh says Iranians have negative views about the Nikah Mut‘ah. Accordingly people believe that this action doesn’t comply with the norms of the Iranian society.

“According to the surveys conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport, 63% of people in Iran blame the Nikah Mut‘ah for its disadvantages and the risk associated with short-term marriage,” Mohammad Taghi Hassanzadeh told local media on Sunday.

Iranian Ayatollahs have already urged the government to open specific centers in different cities to organize the Nikah Mut‘ah between men and women in the country. Studies suggest that a fixed-term marriage can effectively reduce the number of sexual harassments in the society.

“Although this kind of marriage was actually promoted by the Islamic regulations, Iranians cannot accept it as a norm.” Hassanzadeh added.

Iranian oppositions argue that Nikah Mut’ah is immoral because it can be used as a cover for prostitution. Sunni Muslims believe that the Nikah Mut’ah was later abolished by Umar ibn al-Khattab, the second caliph of Muslims.

“As a matter of fact the Nikah Mut’ah is a controversial topic in the Muslim world. I strongly believe that the Iranian government should not promote this action as it may endanger the general health in the country.” Shadi Asgharpour, an Iranian socialist, told the Herald Boy.

It is worth mentioning that prostitution in Iran is illegal. According to independent surveys, there are nearly 100,000 prostitutes only in Tehran. Around 8.3 million people are reportedly residing in the Iranian capital.

The duration and compensation of Nikah Mut‘ah are both agreed upon in advance. At the end of the contract period, the wife is allowed to claim her compensation.

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