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Iranians Ready to Buy iPhone 5S, 5C

iPhone 5S Iran

As Apple is going to release iPhone 5S in next few days, Iranian customers are preparing to buy the new smart-phone developed by the American company from local stores.

Mohsen Tabatabaei, an Iranian mobile seller based in Tehran, says the new device will be imported to Iran in next few weeks. “Fortunately many people are interested in buying new smart-phones developed by Apple. Importing and distributing iPhone 5S in domestic markets will secure huge profits for Iranian businessmen,” Tabatabaei told the Herald Boy on Monday.

“The price tag of iPhone 5S in Iran will be more than the average prices in international markets as the local businessmen should actually import these devices from third-party countries.” Mohsen Tabatabaei added. Currently iPhone 5 is priced around $930 in Tehran.

Apple is unable to ship its products directly to Iran due to various reasons. However, the company is allowed to sell devices and accessories to Iranian nationals. At this time, iTunes is available in Iran but Iranian customers are banned from buying paid applications.

According to the statistics released by independent institutions, Samsung has dominated Iranian markets since the South Korean company has official presence in this Middle Eastern state. Samsung actively presents its new products in Tehran in order to claim more market share.

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