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Iranians Launch Campaign to Lift Technology Sanctions

Technology Sanctions Iran

According to local media reports, Iranians are going to launch a comprehensive campaign using social networking websites in order to ask the Western governments to lift technology sanctions. Over the past few years, embargoes on Iran have also affected the status of technology and related progresses in the country.

This movement has been supported by different categories of people including but not limited to students, scholars, writers and social activists inside and outside of the country.

Ali Zamani, an Iranian IT expert, says these sanctions should be lifted or modified since they are affecting technology for civilians in Iran negatively. “Unfortunately the economic embargoes and sanctions have hugely affected technology in the country. We all know that technologies used by civilians have nothing to do with Islamic Republic’s nuclear activities. In my opinion, U.S. government and European Union should modify the rules of these sanctions accordingly.”

“We hope that major news agencies publish stories with regard to such campaigns launched by civilians and Iranian ordinary people.” Ali Zamani told the reporter of Herald Boy in Tehran.

Based on the latest rounds of sanctions, European and American companies are banned from exporting their products including digital devices and related technologies to Iran. This has made numerous troubles for scholars and students willing to use the latest technologies in the country.

“For instance, international phone satellite companies refused to localize Iranian missing climbers in Pakistan. This measure resulted in the death of those innocent climbers. Iranians kindly urge the Western governments to make some changes in sanctions on Iran in the hope of addressing these kinds of problems.” Ali Zamani concluded.

Although Islamic Republic of Iran has made notable progresses in this field, people are still using foreign-developed communication tools and devices.

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