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Iranian Writer: Persian Language on the Verge of Extinction

Iranian Persian Language

Persian, a branch of the Indo-European languages, is among the most spoken languages in the Middle East region. At this time, Persian has around 110 million speakers in all over the world.

Reza Amirkhani, an Iranian writer, says Persian is on the verge of extinction because there are a limited number of people studying this language. Amirkhani believes that Iranian government should start promoting this language as one of the most comprehensive languages in the world.

“Currently, Persian is widely spoken in only three countries: Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Persian used to be one of the official languages of India until 200 years ago, but now it is not used in that country. Even Persian people living in India cannot speak in this language.” Reza Amirkhani told the Herald Boy on Thursday.

“All the words used in the national anthem of Pakistan are in Persian, but Pakistanis cannot understand or talk in Persian. Unfortunately, Persian has been replaced by Urdu because the government of Pakistan didn’t try to keep Persian as the only official language.” Amirkhani declared the importance of Iranian language.

Reza Amirkhani went on to suggest that Iranian government should promote Persian by holding cultural activities in its embassies. “We should start encouraging people to learn and study this language. A simple negative change can affect the future of Persian. So we need to be aware of the current conditions.”

It is worth mentioning that for centuries Persian has also been a prestigious cultural language in Central Asia, South Asia, and Western Asia. Persian is used as a liturgical language of Islam in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. There are large groups of Persians who migrated to the USA and Europe, and Los Angeles is often referred to as ‘Tehrangeles’.

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