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Iranian Scholars Criticize Public Universities for Charging Students

Iran State Universities

Over the first quarter of the new Persian year, 31 state universities have turned into private institutions. The new administrations of these universities charge students for every semester. According to the studies conducted by Iran’s Science Ministry, local students are not happy with the recent transitions.

Mansour Taleshi, an Iranian scholar, says state universities must remain free for local students. He recommended the Iranian government to stop pursuing these kinds of policies with regard to Iran’s universities.

“These measures will affect the education conditions of Iran. Most students cannot afford to pay high tuitions to continue their studies in universities.  On the other side, the government has invested a lot in educating this group of students.” Taleshi said in an interview with Herald Boy on Saturday.

“This element will force students to quit studying in these universities. Subsequently the unemployment rate will be increased significantly, as these oppressed students don’t have any notable expertise in other fields.” Mansour Taleshi warned against closing down state-run universities in Islamic Republic of Iran.

He went on to ask the Iranian parliament to allocate certain budget to the government in the hope of re-opening the mentioned universities. “To be honest, operations of these universities play important roles in the future of Iran’s science and community. The Iranian government must maintain operating state universities rather than transfer them to other organizations.”

According to local media reports, the Iranian government was unable to allocate enough budgets to the state universities due to financial problems over the past few years. This has made the government to sell universities and the related properties to privately-held companies and organizations.

Iran has a large network of private, public, and state affiliated universities offering degrees in higher education. State universities of Iran are under the direct supervision of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

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