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Iranian Police to Issue ‘ID Cards’ to Prostitutes

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Although the prostitution is illegal and forbidden in Iran, the Iranian police announced on Monday that prostitutes need to acquire ID cards from the Health Ministry in order to deal with sexually transmitted infections.

The recent move has sparked criticisms against Iranian police for ‘approving’ prostitution in the country. Iran’s police chief, Esmaeel Ahmadi Moghaddam says the police don’t confirm prostitution at all. “As a matter of fact, we need to organize prostitutes in the hope of controlling venereal diseases in Iran.”

According to official and unofficial statistics, more people are infected with sexual diseases on daily basis in Iran.

“By launching this project, the Iranian police in partnership with the other governmental organizations will start creating jobs other than prostitution for these sex workers. The main intention of Iranian police is decreasing the number of sex workers in Iran.” Esmaeel Ahmadi Moghaddam told reporters on Monday.

Currently, there is not any official statistics about the exact number of sex workers and prostitutes in this Muslim state. In 2002, the Iranian newspaper Entekhab estimated that there were close to 85,000 prostitutes in Tehran alone.

After the Islamic revolution in 1979, the Iranian government enacted strict laws against prostitution in the country. According to Iran’s penal code, prostitution incurs various punishments.

Mohsen Abdullahi, an Iranian researcher, says these kinds of measures will secure the civil rights of prostitutes. “Of course, Iranian prostitutes will enjoy more freedom and better conditions if they receive identification cards from official institutions. However, the Iranian government should encourage prostitutes to register in these programs since most of them fear to declare their career in this field.”

“This will also enable the government to educate prostitutes, and make them aware of the possible dangers involved with sexual behaviors. Over the past few years, Turkey has managed to control prostitution market by employing right policies.” Mohsen Abdullahi told the Herald Boy.

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