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Iranian Police: SMS Frauds Increasing

SMS Frauds and Scams

According to official statistics, the current penetration rate of mobile in Iran is more than 110%. This has made a great opportunity for local scammers to commit crimes using this channel.

Colonel Behrouz Rahbarian said on Wednesday that frauds committed through text message services (SMS) are on the rise. He went on to urge users of mobile phones to be vigilant when responding to messages about cash prizes.

“Recently, we have received numerous complaints regarding frauds committed through text message services. Scammers send messages to end-users promising they have won cash prizes. Then they ask users to pay a fraction of their prize as the transferring fee in order to collect the real prize. After receiving money from victims, scammers switch off their cell phones and do not respond calls anymore.” Behrouz Rahbarian remarked during a seminar on Wednesday.

“Base on our information, a large number of clients has fallen prey to such scams where prizes are offered to so-called winners through an SMS. We kindly ask people to pay extra attention to such messages. Users can also report such malicious and suspension calls to police stations.” Rahbarian added.

It is worth mentioning that over the past few months the police had received several complaints and several suspects were arrested by tracing mobile phone numbers.

Cyber crime is described as the new phenomenon in Iranian community. Until the last decade, only a fraction of Iranians were able to use cell phones and computers. But currently millions of Iranians are using technology for communicating with each other on daily basis.

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