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Iranian Official Talks About House of Cinema

Iran's House of Cinema

Last year, in a blatant movement, Iranian government decided to close the Iran’s House of Cinema. The decision was made base on feedbacks received from conservative and hard-liner activists in local government. This action was widely criticized by Iranian artists and opposition groups inside and outside of the country. It was even described as a movement against national art.

The deputy in charge of cinema in ministry of Islamic guidance Javad Shamghadari said on Thursday that Iranian government is considering re-opening House of Cinema, but a group of artists are trying to postpone the running of this action.

“According to an order issued by Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Islamic guidance ministry is working on a plan to re-open House of Cinema after one year. But it seems a group of artists don’t like us to open the house again.” Javad Shamghadari said during his brief interview with local reporters on Thursday.

“It came to our attention that those artists, who have negative views on the activities of current Iranian government, are making problems for Islamic guidance ministry. They want to postpone re-opening House of Cinema until the next president takes his role.” Shamghadari added.

Hassan Rowhani, who has recently won Iranian 2013 presidential election, has soft views on artists’ activities and operations. Accordingly, Islamic guidance ministry under his management will apply easier rules on artists. Javad Shamghadari argues that supporters of Rowhani don’t allow Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government to re-open House of Cinema.

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