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Iranian Mullahs to Give Religious Advice in Local Schools

Iranian Mullahs

Starting next educational year, Mullahs and Ayatollahs will start giving religious advice to students, their parents, teachers and school staffers in all around the country. Hojjatoleslam Mojtaba Taghavi says this program will enhance the position of Islam and Islamic guidelines in people’s lives.

Accordingly, the Education Ministry of Iran will recruit 20,000 clergymen to launch this project. “Based on the agreements between Qom Seminary and Iran’s Education Ministry, 20,000 clergymen will be introduced by Seminary in order to give free religious advice to Muslims in all around the country.” Hojjatoleslam Mojtaba Taghavi told the Herald Boy on Sunday.

According to the government, around 99% of Iranians associate themselves with different branches of Islam.

Taghavi believes that these kinds of partnerships between Qom Seminary and Iran’s Education Ministry can enhance the faith of people, especially students, in Islam. “Unfortunately large numbers of students don’t pay attention to Islamic guidelines in these days. We need to take action in this regard to reclaim the real position of Islam and Islamic beliefs between students.”

“Modern communication tools such as Internet, cell phone and satellite usually discourage students and youths from caring Islam and its valuable tips. Over the past few years, Qom Seminary has launched a large number of successful projects with regard to promoting Islam in the country. The plans were all well-received by citizens of different provinces.” Hojjatoleslam Mojtaba Taghavi added.

He also went on to criticize the Iranian government for not allocating enough budgets to mosques and religious sites to publicize Islamic beliefs. “Although we claim to be an Islamic state, we have failed to promote this religion in the country. Other Islamic governments are doing far better than Iran in this field.”

Iran’s Minister of Education has already promised to use the services of Qom Seminary and clergymen to reinforce the position of Islam between young students.

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