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Iranian MPs Consider Plans to Relocate the Capital

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Iranian MPs are currently considering plans in the hope of moving the capital out of Tehran. In 2010, Iranian government suggested to relocate the capital due to security and administrative reasons. Mehdi Chamran, who presides Tehran City Council since 2003, says MPs must review this plan cautiously as many risks involve in relocating the capital.

“In fact, this is not a new project, and its possibility has been discussed earlier by former members of parliament. So I recommend current MPs to review this plan carefully, because their decision will be important for the whole country.” Mehdi Chamran said on Tuesday.

“I believe that all factors must be considered meticulously. Also relocating the capital is not an easy task, because the next capital should have enough infrastructures and facilities in order to fulfill the future requirements.” Chamran declared. At the being time, Shahroud, Esfahan and Semnan are three of main candidates to replace Tehran as the capital.

Mehdi Chamran questioned the eligibility of mentioned cities for becoming the next capital of Iran. “Currently, there are many problems in Tehran including but not limited to air pollution and traffic. Unfortunately, the similar problems exist in other major cities such as Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Shiraz. First, these issues must be addressed.”

He also mentioned that City Council of Tehran is ready to advise and discuss the details of this project with Iranian MPs if necessary. “We will be more than happy to share our views and experiences with the members of parliament.”

Tehran is Iran’s largest city and urban area with a population of about 8,300,000 and 14 million metropolitan areas.

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