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Iranian MP Urges Local Media to Promote Islamic Lifestyle

Satellites in Iran

Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani, Iranian MP, says all the local media including newspapers, websites and state television channels should work hard to promote Islamic and Iranian lifestyles in order to make youngsters familiar with the best kind of lifestyles.

“During the recent years, European and American governments have produced a large number of TV shows and series in the hope of seizing Islamic and Iranian lifestyles. I kindly ask local media to do their best in order to acquaint youths with Islamic guidelines.” Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani remarked during a live TV show on Friday.

“Some TV shows broadcast by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) do not comply with Islamic guidelines. The managers and officials of IRIB should pay attention to the impact of such shows on the lives of ordinary people in the country.” Iranian MP added.

Ghorbani went on to blame the foundations of families in Western countries by saying: “Unlike the Western families, Iranian and Muslim families have powerful bases. By maintaining the current foundation of families in the country; youths will be able to enjoy Islamic-Iranian lifestyle in the best possible way.”

Over the past few years, satellite channels have gained extra popularities between Iranians. GEM TV, Manoto and Farsi One are among most popular channels between youngsters. Socialists and activists have raised questions about the performance of IRIB, which resulted into the popularity of satellite channels.

The ‘morality unit’ of Iranian police usually raid houses and apartments to destroy satellites’ facilities. People have already asked Iranian government to stop pursing such types of measures against Iranians.

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