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Iranian Mobile Phones to Become Popular Inside the Country

Iranian Mobile Phones in Iran

During the recent years, the communication infrastructures in Iran have been improved by the government. Consequently, the number of mobile subscribers and clients has been increased dramatically. According to official statistics, current mobile penetration rate is estimated around 110% in Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran has always been a great market for mobile phones manufacturers. Although economic sanctions banned American and European companies from selling their products in Iran, Korean companies have enjoyed Iran’s massive markets. Over the past few years, Samsung has succeeded to dominate Iran’s cell phone and smart phone markets.

The prices of different types of mobile phones have been increased in Iran, as Iranian Rial has lost its value against foreign currencies. This has forced many Iranians to stop buying imported digital devices because of high prices.

Mohsen Ardabili, a shopkeeper based in Tehran, says customers have started buying Iranian cell phones and smart phones. “The demand for homemade digital devices has been increased significantly. As clients cannot afford to buy expensive foreign-made devices, this is a great option for those people looking to change their mobile phones at low-cost.”

Addressing the reporter of Herald Boy in Shiraz, another shopkeeper said: “In fact, Iranian companies have managed to manufacture high quality devices such as smart phones, tablets and cell phones. To be honest, this has encouraged many people to buy made-in-Iran devices rather than paying high rates for imported devices.”

“A large number of imported digital devices don’t have local guarantee in Iran. On the other hand, Iranian factories are offering top-notch after sale supports, guarantees and warranties to their customers. I personally believe that Iranian digital devices will dominate domestic technology markets in coming years.” Faezeh Lankarani concluded.

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