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Iranian ISPs to Start Offering Quality Web Hosting Services

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According to the statistics released on July by Iran’s Ministry of Science and Technology, the number of websites hosted in local datacenters has increased significantly. Analysts say the huge demand for web hosting services in Iran can offer great opportunities to local IT companies.

“Providing the necessary Internet bandwidth to local websites is the main problem of hosting websites and blogs in Iranian datacenters. Internet bandwidth in Iran cost as much as ten times more than bandwidth in other countries such as Germany, Netherland and the United States.” Javad Hakimi, the CEO of Parsian-e-Sabz Company, told the Herald Boy on Wednesday.

Currently, Iran is suffering from fluctuations in foreign currency exchange markets. Subsequently, the web hosting market is affected negatively. Hakimi believes that this element will promote the Iranian web hosting services indirectly.

“Fortunately, more companies are interested in using local hosting services. During the recent months, a number of Iranian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in partnership with web hosting companies have started offering quality services to users at cheap rates.” Javad Hakimi added.

Hakimi believes these services can be even exported to other countries virtually. “In my opinion, Iranian web hosting companies are capable of attracting clients from the other countries in the Middle East region. Only a limited number of web hosting companies are currently operating in neighboring countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. The Iranian companies can take advantage of these massive markets too.”

Javad Hakimi says the Iranian government should support web hosting companies to help them expand their business. “Major U.S.-based web hosting companies have hundreds of staffers and technicians in different offices. But Iran’s top companies are operating without professional facilities and modern technologies. I think the government can play an important role in supporting Iranian web hosting companies.”

In past months, the Iranian government had promised to allocate low-interest loans to small to medium-sized businesses operating inside the country. Javad Hakimi requests the officials of Iran’s Ministry of Science and Technology to include local web hosting companies in similar plans.

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